Wonderful studio session with wonderful Munsha. February 2022.

Aprègarde Dub Orchestra

November 2021, @Fabrik Potsdam. Bob Rutman memorial concert of the Apregard Dub Orchestra. A night of wonderful live music and a great emotional tribute to our late friend. Here the complete selection. My photo was chosen for the Taz article…

Tales from the other side

Once a year in winter I become a model. This is the amazing work by Berlin photographer Thomas Nitz. At first, several portraits are sketched on a background. When that is full, the background is ready for the DarkBox Camera,…

Thoughts of war and flowers

This was a mid-winter studio session, started as a model book shooting and ended like this… The flowers are courtesy of my sister. Model: Winfried. January, 2022.


UR band

UR is a two-men band with thoughts of psychedelia and a sound between nostalgic and visionary. Looks like the beginning of a wonderful series. January, 2022.

Beautiful Noise

Beautiful Noise Record Sleeve

The Beautiful Noise compilation is out! featuring diverse collaboration of late Bob Rutman. Edited by Rex Joswig, Herbst in Peking and others, published by Molokoplus Records. Kindly featuring my photos of Bob. The record page on Molokoplus is here. Photography…

Portrait ohne Mensch

Portrait Ohne Mensch

Longer than a year in, the Ostkreuzschule seminar I have been following, lead by long-time-favourite Sven Marquardt, is coming to an end. The theme assigned to the group is “Heimat”. A very German word with nuances and resonances that are…


Coming home was never better – after a month out of town I came back to get into the theatre to shoot stage photographs of Spreeagenten’s pièce Mädchenorchester, by Susanne Chudina – with the wonderful soundtrack by Munsha. Amazing work…


This is the holidays – Marghera, Völklingen and Duisburg hunting industrial architecture sites and sunrays. September 2021.

August 2021

This is August. In the last week of the project the Liebig12 team organised a little market – so I chose 6+6 photos to print. The black and white were mounted with passe-partout and black frame, the abstracts I mounted…

Take your Time

This is me trying to take my time in a time of slowness that is running much too fast. In my studio, august 2021

Cyanotype Lab

I the summer of 2021 Dzanchara, Lichene and Astrid took over the Liebig12 project space in Berlin for a couple of months. Among several other things, we had open lab days for cyanotype. People came over and printed blue with…

A photograph of Napoleon Bonaparte

The thought plaguing me these days. Eighteen years, only eighteen more years, and we could have had a photograph of Napoleon Bonaparte. A daguerrotype, to be more precise. Daguerre presents his invention, up and running, in 1839. His research had…

They are Dead. Wrapped in Plastic.

Sibylle Bergemann and her reportage about the Marx-Engels-Forum in Berlin, GDR. How comes I am using the infamous TP incipit to write about Sibylle Bergemann and Berlin? The Berlin – David Lynch link is there, and for many, it has…

moroccan blues

Makeup with indigo blue from morocco.  I fucked up the lights royally, so this lands into the box “ode to mistakes”. Studio photos, March 2021.

Alices Geschwister

Magic is. It’s been almost a year. No concerts, no live shows, no theatre. No stage and no backstage, no moving acting performing humans to photograph.  Munsha’s piece Alices Geschwister was supposed to be ready and performed in November. Second…


Studio session for a assigned theme (Love+Hate) – with lovely Simone as a model, and daffodils. Basically an ode to the narcs.  January 2021 The selection: And some other shots from the session:

Disco TIQ

This is a first draft, but the product is so amazing that it deserves a first mention.  This is a square record, made as a 10 year anniversary treat for and by the great organisers of the TIQ party in…

Venice (night icm)

Take a mid-december late afternoon in pandemic-struck, empty Venice, a digital camera, a tripod and Time.  Venice, December 2020


This is in the studio, after a night at home with Simone, who always makes me feel good and willing to create.  Autumn is my favourite season  for a number of reasons – one of them is Amaryllis.  Berlin, December…


November 2020 Studio shoot from classic… …to some long exposure… …and some light-painting on Marta.


November 2020 First studio shoot with some new lights // a human body. 

Memory #1

This project started in The late winter of 2020, simultaneously to the so called first lockdown  due to the corona virus pandemic.  The idea of working on Berlin memorial sites had been in my head for a while; now I suddenly…

Generative Phototgraphy

The photography biennale in Berlin is a month of awe for all those interested in the infinte Ways of the Lens. All around town there are more shows than one could see, all genres, all times of photography are involved.  This…


I went to the Aquarium to stand in front of the Jelly Fish tank and be hypnotised by them. Of course I shot all the other poor captive fish as well, and those are destined to be stock photos which…

Alex Denver

This is a lovely portrait session that came to be in the summer of 2020. Alex Denver is a beautiful Tattoo Artist from Italy, who lives and works in Berlin. We shot the photos in a big loft in Kreuzberg,…


This is a representation of the eight I-Ching trigrams, made with acupuncture needles. I am not one to ever use the words Best Friend – mainly because every single human who ever used those on me eventually tried to fuck…


This portrait photography session is about exploring identity through a moment of transition. How does the camera capture securities and insecurities – what it is to feel safe, what shows of our inner predicament from the poses we choose to…

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