The Other Cathedrals at Z22

Prints of The Other Cathedrals for the Werkschau#3 at Z22 gallery, Berlin

For the Werkschau#3 exhibition at the Z22 gallery in Charlottenburg, Berlin, I decided to show some prints from the project “The Other Cathedrals”.

The choice of the photos was made together with the curator Frank Massholder. The technique I chose is one of my favorites, especially for the unpredictability of the end result.

I printed quite normally in the darkroom, only the paper I coated myself with Rollei Black Magic light sensitive emulsion. Depending on the quality of the coated material the results can vary substantially.

Here I used two different kinds of paper – the difference is very evident. Four photos are originals, the bigger one is an enlarged scan of a print of the same kind.

I had a lot of fun working for this exhibition. Now the Cathedrals are asking for more prints and probably one more technique next to this one. Stay tuned.

z22 werkschau
This photo was printed 140x90cm
z22 werkschau
And this is me at the gallery, courtesy of my friend Arianna ♥️
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