The industrip

The industrip is a spin off of the more extensive project “The Other Cathedrals“. It is a ongoing trip through Europe’s industrial heritage sites, which I travel to and visit with the only company of my old canon and film stash.


I am genetically fascinated by machinery of all kinds. My grandfather was a skilled mechanic and industrial blood runs in the family. I admire the resourcefulness of humans and the ability to build, solve problems, learn from mistakes.

These industrial buildings are amazing, their scope and the landscapes they create are magnificent in their complexity and harmony. We are able to create stuff the transcends out limited time and to pass on knowledge to posterity. One good question could be – what if we were to use our skills for good?

The industrip has started in Marghera and is aiming to cover more and more industrial sites in Europe. Looking at our past we can maybe invent new directions for a future to come, plus I love the smell of machines in the morning. We did make it to the moon after all.

So far the Industrip has covered Marghera, Vajont, Völklingen, Duisburg, Leipzig, Ferropolis, Berlin, Vitkowice. The photography selection is still quite random. More to come (here is the map).

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