Generative Phototgraphy

The photography biennale in Berlin is a month of awe for all those interested in the infinte Ways of the Lens. All around town there are more shows than one could see, all genres, all times of photography are involved. 

This is a exhibition of the work of german photographer Hein Gravenhorst, who was active in west Germany in the 60s and 70s – and involved in what is called the Generative Photography movement. 

Here science – mechanics, engineering, optics, physics – come together on the sensitive surface and create… beauty. Or, to say it with Gravenhorst: generated beauty, predictable, scientific beauty. 

The collection of Greavenhost’s work is impressive, and visible at the auction house Lempertz Berlin until the end of October.

Photos: web.

Berlin, October 2020. 

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