I was born in the 80s and started photographing in 2004. Ever since I have been wanting to know more about photography than I already did.

I learned the history and philosophy of the medium, grounding my research in my background in aesthetics. Learning about the history of human ideas is my great passion, and the invention of photography is one of the human facts that fascinates me the most. Photography stops time.

From 2008 to 2020 I ran a tourism/culture website about Berlin, connected to my tour guide activity. I learned and told thousands of stories about Berlin and history and art, and of course, all this has become a big theme for my photography. Parallel to shooting and telling stories, I went on to deepen my knowledge on the history of photography, composition, basic chemistry, basic light theory.

I took classes for darkroom techniques at the wonderful Lichtmal Lab in Prenzlauerberg and composition at the Ostkreuzschule.

I print my photographs on gelatine silver, usually making my own paper, and with other techniques, exploring light-sensitive materials. In my studio, I shoot digital photography which has been shown in Berlin and on record covers.

My goal is to keep learning everything that Light has to teach me.