I started taking photographs in 2004. Ever since my first photos I have been wanting to know more about photography than I already did, so I kept and keep learning incessantly.

I am fascinated by industrial culture, humans in their cyberspaces and the shape of everything. My focus is on the hidden vibes and undersounds, the dissonances and discrepancies and the many ways to look at anything. 

I guess photography is where I articulate those things I am unable to speak and write about.

I took some but not many photography classes – for darkroom techniques at the wonderful Lichtmal Lab and composition at the Ostkreuzschule – both in Berlin.

I had the privilege of observing many great professionals at work in their labs and studios. They have my eternal gratitude. Observing is the best way to learn for me. Observing and then try and try, in order to develop my own eye, method and work ritual.

Over the years I built my little darkroom where I develop my films and print my work on paper I coat myself. In my studio and in concert halls I shoot digital photography which has been exhibited in Berlin and chosen for diverse music publications.

My goal is to keep learning everything that Light has to teach me.

I am available for cooperations, for shooting concerts and for studio portraits of different kinds. 

Browse my work on this site or contact me at aa@astridxaim.eu

Me by Tanja Kloth-Bober
Me by Tanja Kloth-Bober, 2022


Über Heimat – Liebig12 , Berlin. 2022

The Female Side of the Moon – Z11 Gallery, Berlin. 2020


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