FLUS-S [Fluchtmodus]

One weekend of sound experiments and lovely creative people in the beautiful Ausland venue. Produced and organized by great Munsha – let me quote her to describe the event: “FLUS-S assembles unusual and broad planes of sound, combining microtonality, prepared objects, tampered tones through avant-garde and pulsing textures, to the border of the twitching noise. It’s a playground for clashing combinations of sounds, which repudiate empty mannerisms.”


Julie Semoroz [CH]
Katharina Bévand [DE]
Makoto Sakamoto [JP]
Jo [DE]
Simon Berz [CH]
Asja Skrinik [DE]
Árni Valur [ISL]
Lisa Simpson [BR/DE] x Munsha [ITA/DE]
Ame Zek [INT]
Lichene / Synchro Radio – IBI ET NUNC [ITA/DE]

See the full selection on Flickr

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