Alices Geschwister

Magic is.

It’s been almost a year. No concerts, no live shows, no theatre. No stage and no backstage, no moving acting performing humans to photograph. 

Munsha’s piece Alices Geschwister was supposed to be ready and performed in November. Second Covid lockdown, all is shut. 

It is rescheduled for January. Still nothing opens. On the contrary, the situation is getting worse, it’s like the pandemic is getting the best of us. Everyday is worse than the previous one. Natural expectation is that the show will be postponed again. 

And she decides to go on stage, film it, screen it online <3 

So in January fifteenth of many years after the one I was born I enter a theatre in the midst of a pandemic, and get to shoot a brilliant piece of art by great Munsha

Special thanks to her and everyone involved!

The full selection is here.

January 15th, 2021

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