Duncker Club – Berlin, dismantled

There was a party in my favorite club in Berlin last Friday. Im Duncker Club.

The occasion was the reunion tour of Italian band cccp. I was incredibly honored to be asked by organizers Valentina Ferrarese and Dj Orløg to contribute to the scenery with a selection of my Berlin photos. The theme was: dismantled.

This gave me a chance to go over my Berlin archive and take a serious tour down memory lane. All the years going around with my camera, all people I was hanging out with during the different times, all emotional states and all changes in the city around me.

The people are not to be seen, as usual in my cityscapes. They are nevertheless very present. It all came back, and I loved what i saw. È una questione di qualità.

Here’s the selection I sent to Vale.

Berlin, 2007-2023

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