The Darkbox Camera Workshop

Analog instant photography with historical cameras ​

Friday and Saturday July 23rd and 24th, 2021 - Berlin

Long before Polaroid made the quick takeaway picture possible, street photographers produced analog photos on photo paper. The DARKBOX camera (also known as Camara Minutera, Afghan Box Camera) has the photo laboratory built inside the camera, and photos can thus be developed directly on-site within minutes.

Today, with a camera in each pocket and constant image bombing behind every corner, it is hard to imagine a time when images could not be recorded.

In this workshop you will learn the basics of camera and darkroom work and be able to experiment with the DARKBOX camera to make your own instant analog photos.

Get insight into the history of early photography and learn the basics of photography and darkroom work

  • You will see your photos come to life in real time through the red windows on the cameras!
  • Several cameras will be made available for the participants to use during the workshop.
  • Both beginners and advanced students can attend, prior knowledge is not required (but still welcome!)

The spots are limited: we can accommodate a maximum of 10 participants – book your spot now!

Some photos made with the DARKBOX camera


Day 1: Introduction and history of classic instant photography, detailed instruction in camera technology and operation, first photos.

Day 2: Practice, workshop participants can work freely with the cameras under supervision, from classic portraits to experimental long-term exposure, a lot can be tried out!

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©Thomas Nitz

The Trainer

Thomas Nitz is a film photographer and artist living and working in Berlin. 

His work is centered on experimental photography and ancient techniques, which he uses to create unique small and large format photographs.

He specializes in long and multiple exposure photography and film portraits. His work has been exhibited in Berlin and around the world, and he has over 20 years of experience in teaching the theory and praxis of the medium.


Where: Liebigstrasse 12

When: 23-24.07.2021 – on both days from 2pm to 6pm

Who: The workshop is open to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 participants

Investment: 90 euros

If you bring a friend: you get 30%off (you pay 63€)

We provide all the materials. You just have to show up! 

    Contact us through this form to reserve your spot!

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